About Us!

(Henry): Hi! Well, let's talk a little bit about us!

We are a couple (36yo each), we've been together for 11 years. 10 years ago we started taking pictures and videos, but never made them public until now. This year we decided to start our little amateur porn project.

We are very sex-positive (as you can guess) and we'll answer your comments or questions and try to advice you if we can, be it about sex, love, relationships or porn!

(If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you read Andie's post about cum)

Let's do a little Q&A! (these were taken from our Reddit AMA: [32C] When I met her she was really sex shy, 8 years later and she changed completely! We even make amateur porn! Ask us anything!)


Q: What you believe led to the significant change from being "sex shy" to doing amateur porn in such a short period of time?: 
A: (Henry): I believe communication was the key, letting her know what things she could improve, teaching her new things, sharing my fantasies and ideas, showing her that she looked beautiful while blowing me, I think all this helped her to see more in sex, and enjoy more aspects about it, while also raising her confidence.

Q: Is it something she always wanted to do but had never been with someone that she was comfortable doing it with prior to being with you?:
A: (Henry): Not at all, she never thought about doing something like this. Indeed her previous partners were... well, different from me at least, for example: her ex was unhappy with the way she sucked him, when she asked him how could she improve it, his answer was: "that's what internet is for"... yeah, really. In comparison, since the first day I've let her know how beautiful she looks while sucking, letting her know what do I feel and if anything could change, or something new to try.

Q: Was she raised in a culture that shamed people over sexual experimentation?:
A: (Henry): Nop, we're from Argentina, pretty open-minded people.

Q: Does it feel liberating posting pictures/videos online?:
A: (Henry): Indeed, one of the main reasons she is happy with the world watching her sucking me or playing with my cum, is that she used to dislike or avoid those things, and now she is proud of the change she went through.
(Andie): I must confess I wasn't a big fan of cum, neither cumplay. But as years rolled by and I came to understand what this means to my husband, I started enjoying it myself. I have to be honest, I don't like the flavor nor the consistency, but disregard of this I really enjoy doing cumplay now. It was a long way of self control no to throw up doing so, but I managed to forget about the taste and give my husband a good show. I also enjoy watching myself on the videos. About your first question, yes, typically I wake up with his penis in my hand and then I start rubbing and licking it. And I begin my day with a mouthful. As regards goals, well, I think we are more interested in showing what we do and what we have achieved through the years than thinking about how many views we get. To us, it's art. If money comes along with it, even better :-)


Let's continue! something important our fans must know: Everything we do, the last word, the one who chooses, the one who says yes or no, it's her. We'll never do something she dislikes, something disrespectful towards her, or something against her will.

I know some of you might think: But you've already posted videos of her swallowing cum! or She is a slut! You need to put her in her place! etc etc. Well, you know what? Those ideas come from people who think what she does is degrading. I don't agree with them, I believe what she does is perfectly fine, empowering, and liberating, I believe what she does is the greatest demonstration of love possible.

That's why every time we have sex I tell her I love her, cumming in her mouth is a way to show my love for her, and she telling me she loves while having a cum mouthful is her way to show her love.

If I say to her that she is a cum swallowing whore, it's a compliment, why? Because she is MY cum swallowing whore, who learned how to do it to please me, and show me how much she loves me.

Knowing all this, you must know that people who find sex degrading really get on my nerves!

Going on, I believe it'll be a good idea to put a "Things we'll do videos about / Thing we won't do videos about" list, keep in mind, there'll be lots of stuff we do in our daily sex life, but at the time we aren't interested doing videos about, and then there's the stuff that we'll never do:

Things we like we'll do videos about:

  • Blowjobs
  • Handjobs
  • Cum facials
  • Cum mouthfuls
  • Cumplay
  • Cum on food
  • Cum on clothes
  • Public sex and cum (love this, but it's incredibly hard to do videos about this)
  • Artistic sex and cum (more about this later)
Things we like we'll (maybe) do videos about:
  • Titjobs
  • Bondage
  • Shibari / Kinbaku
  • Threesomes or other videos with other girls (Only problem here is to find someone willing to do this!)
Things we like, but we won't do videos about:
  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Creampies
Things we don't like, and won't do:
  • Bestiality
  • Anything involving another guy
  • Scat, Golden showers, etc (Everything involving fluids other than cum)
  • Anything violent
  • Anything which would be disrespectful against her, or aimed to make her have a bad time
  • Anything which would put us at risk, being of physical harm or ending up in jail (once someone asked us to go to a church, have her blow me and then let everyone know she had cum on her face... really?)
  • No fakes! No fake cum, no fake situations, no "stepsis" or "stepdad" videos (which are really popular in Pornhub by the way). One thing is to do some roleplay or cosplay, maybe make a video about a certain theme. But it's another thing completely if the premise of the video is fake, or the sex is fake, we aren't interested in the slightest for this kind of videos.

Remember I said before that we'd talk about "Artistic sex and cum", well, this goes hand on hand with a question: Why TheArtofCum?

We want to do porn that's different, give it another point of view, more artistic, give it a twist. So far we haven't done anything really "experimental", but soon we are going to be able to create content pretty different to what's usually seen in porn. I'm sure some things won't be for everybody, but well, let's see! (I'm not giving any examples as not to spoil the surprise!)

We want it to have cum, we want it to be artistic, and we want it to be of great quality, that's why we are The Art of Cum!



  1. soys excelentes! tenés que hacer creampies! creampie. busquen lo que es sería genial que lo hicieran vuestras visitas augmentarian mucho!
    xxxblogspotlist.blgospot.com | xxxblogspotlist@gmail.com
    gracias soys un encanto de pareja!

    1. (Henry): Gracias! Sabemos lo que es un creampie, despues de todo, por algo tenemos 2 hijos! jajaja Pero por el momento, estamos dedicandonos especifiamente a ciertas cosas: Chupadas, pajas, etc. Esta noche voy a completar esta pagina con mas info al respecto!

  2. Hello Andie & Henry!
    You’ve got a new fan!
    Sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany, 56 years old and long out of school!
    I try to make it short: I am married for almost 30 years. My wife only does it vaginally! My cum has to land clean in the vagina. Other will not be accepted. That's why I have a second relationship (an affair) for more than 5 years. Everything is allowed then, except anal (no problem!)! She is married too. That's how we rarely see each other.
    In the "dry season" I am looking for foreign material to better remember our beautiful hours together. That's how I found you. You two are truly amazing, remarkable, impressive and inspiring! To Andie: I cannot believe you do not like cum! It looks different! I like to call it “a fitting fit”. ...and “related to the person“.
    My girlfriend is uninhibited! She said, for example: "Spray your cum on my pussy!" After I did, she asked me: "... lick it clean now – ‘til I come!" Uh, can one deny such a wish to a lover? It is quite wonderful, what is possible with intimate familiarity. And that's exactly what I see with you. Thank you so much, that you let others share it!!!
    Best wishes, Dirk.

    1. (Henry): Thanks a lot for your comment! It's a shame to know about your issues with your wife. Believe it or not, we used to have sexual issues, so we know how it feels. In our case, communication and hard work allowed us to get over those issues, but we know not everybody is able to change so radically.
      If we can give any kind of tip or advice which could be usefu to you, just let us know!

  3. (Henry): Thanks a lot for your comment! It's a shame to know about your issues with your wife. Believe it or not, we used to have sexual issues, so we know how it feels. In our case, communication and hard work allowed us to get over those issues, but we know not everybody is able to change so radically.
    If we can give any kind of tip or advice which could be usefu to you, just let us know!

  4. Hi i realy love your video pornhub.pls create video early week ❤️❤️

    1. Hi! That is the idea, but sometimes our routine gets the best of us! Still, we aim to do videos every time we can!

  5. I like to know about your name and instergram name

    1. Hi! We are Andie and Henry! We're not on instagram, but you can find us on gmail, twitter and reddit!

    2. What’s your gmail id

  6. bro why dont u post footjob videos

    1. Hi! That's because we aren't into footjobs honestly! We only create videos about things we (and specially Andie) enjoy!

  7. Hello beautiful couple!!!Do you have onlyfans account??Thank you!

  8. Hi I enjoy your videos I enjoyed the cum in glass and seeing her drink it would you guys in the future be interested in doing a glass cup like a wine glass cum filled and see her drink it nice and slow to see her taste it little by little storing cum in fridge until it’s time to pour onto wine glass cup then see her drink but I’m all for whatever Andies onboard with doing just something I’ve been craving to see her do

  9. Hola, me encantais. Como te envido, Henry. Hay una cosa que me gustaría preguntaros, sabe vuestra familia y amigos lo de vuestro proyecto.?. Como manejais que un conocido vea cuerdos videos?

  10. Hello guys I really love your videos. Would you guys also consider making a sex tape. I reckon it would be super awesome and a big turn on. Do think about it and keep doing the awesome videos. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT


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