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Q&A Incoming!

Hi! We are thinking about doing a Q&A video! So feel free to send us your questions! Either reply here or send it via private message. Please let us know if you want your question to be anonymous.  A nuestros fans que hablen español, también los invitamos a que envíen sus preguntas para nuestro video de preguntas y respuestas!

Quickie! Going for a walk with a cum mouthful!

Here's a fun quickie we made! I know, it isn't a proper cumwalk, but it was fun nonetheless! We hope you enjoy it!

Colorful facial!

A new video! A nice, happy, colorful facial! We hope you enjoy it!

Waffle and coffe! - Cum on food 12

This was really fun to do! We had this video on our list for several years now, as the waffle was one of the first cum on food we did, 10 years ago! We hope you enjoy it!