Happy Easter 2021! - Cum on Food 10

Happy Easter!

This video was Andie's idea. The rabbit ears, the silly makeup, the cum on the little egg, everything. I love when she has these kinds of ideas!

Of course, Andie decides which videos we make, so she has a choice on every one of them, but there's a special charm on videos like this, where she had the idea in the first place, and everything is done according to her plan! 

We had so much fun! I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the video!

We hope you enjoy it!


  1. Do you take fan requests for videos?

  2. Me encantan que muchos de sus videos son CFNM. Alguna vez pensaron en hacer contenidos mas profundos en el tema? Tipo que Andie desnude a Henry en frente a la camara, fotos de cuerpo completo de ambos que se vea a Andie vestida cubierta de semen pero a Henry en pelotas y cosas asi?


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