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CFNM - Blowjob on the bed + Facial and Cumplay

Hi! This is a quick video we made a few weeks ago. It might not be our most refined video so far, but I still enjoy watching Andie getting cum on her pretty face! We are trying something new, doing this kind of videos if we can't do anything more complicated, at least as not to spend so long without posting any new content! Let us know what you think!


Hi! Today we have another quick video, but we still wanted to maintain our "classic" look. Even though I forgot about putting a separation light, as Andie's hair blends to the black background, we are really happy with how this video turned out! She looks lovely, always smiling and looking beautiful, and the cumshot and cumplay can be really appreciated with her black lips! What do you think?

POV Handjob + Cum on tits!

  Hello hello! Something different for today: As you might know, things haven't been easy lately, and everything you think off (time, money, space, health) got in our way, preventing us to make videos. So we had this idea, to do simpler videos, like the ones from when we started. They might not end up as "polished" as we'd like, but an average por video is still better than no video at all! Let us now what you think!