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Our "About us" page has been updated!

(Henry): About time, am I right?! Let us know if you believe something important is missing! You can read it here:

Stripes over red - Our first (and flawed!) photo session.

Hi! Something a little different this time, a photo album! This were taken some time ago (January 2017), This was the first "photo session" we did, before I knew how to properly use the camera, before I know about photography and lightning, and before we got proper lights and reflectors. Also, I screwed up, so photos came up really dark and full of noise (ISO was set to auto, came up to 6400!)  When editing this photos, I had a hard choice to make, do I remove the noise, leaving the image blurry? Or should I try to keep the image as sharp as possible, which would also mean lots of noise remaining? I went a little more towards the second option, as they are closer to the original image. (I might edit them to be really soft, and upload them too, as they end up looking really interesting, kinda dreamy) Still, I really like this photos, Andie looks lovely, she looks really great covered in cum... So even though they're flawed, we decided to upload this photos! We believe that


(Henry): Another week, another video! I really like this one. The idea was simply to cum on her clothes, but honestly, she looked so hot with her cum covered clothes, that I had to had her blow me so I could give her a second one! We also played a little bit with our camera angles, and adding silver reflectors as background. By the way, do you want to know where the idea to cum on this particular piece of clothing came from? Andie! We were walking together, and as we passed next to a store, she saw this black (shirt? blouse?) with stars on the showcase, looked at me and said "that would be great to cum all over it"... of course my reaction was to tell her what a good slut she was, and bought it! Please let us know what you think!


(Andie): It was 5 am, we were back from a birthday party. It was really late, and we were really tired, still, I proposed to him: let's take advantage of the makeup, bijouterie, and the hairdo, and let's make two things we have pending: Let's get verified on Pornhub and Xhamster, and let's make a facial video, something fans have been requesting a lot. He quickly got the set done, and we started recording, even if it was a little improvised. It was mostly paying attention to where were each one of us going to stand, but still, we had to organize things a bit. Everything started fine. We kissed, I undressed him and I started sucking him off. We are the parents of a 7 months old baby, who has his own schedule and, of course, we got interrupted. Regardless of this, after a little pause, we kept going. I don't believe this blowjob was out of this world, but it did was one on which I had fun; as I always do. Sometimes with my hands, sometimes only with my mouth, I tried