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(Andie) Let me explain something to you...

(Andie) No, I do not like cum. It took 6 long months for my husband, then boyfriend, to get me to swallow. It all started when we met. The chemistry in the bed was perfect but there was a barrier: cum. I could suck it frenetically and play like a real pornstar but everything ended when he told me he was about to come. Then, he came in my belly or on my tits because I wanted it away from my mouth. I didn’t know how to suck it either, to be honest. He taught me what he liked or how he wanted me to hold it. He is a good teacher and I´m a good student; obedient. Anyway, he did something that almost no man does in bed with his partner: he took the time. Time to show me how important it was for him that I swallowed, how much he liked to watch me suck it, how good I could look doing it and, obviously, how much it turned him on. I understood everything but I could not smell it. Nevertheless, little by little, I tried. First, I let him come in my mouth and ran to the bathroom to spit it. Then,