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So... About the lack of content lately...

(Henry) Hello guys and girls! It's nice to be able to reach to you again! As you might be aware, we haven't uploaded anything during the past... 3 months already? Wow, that really is a long time., So why haven't we uploaded anything? Several reasons, let me list them below: We had a baby! He is healthy and beautiful, also he is taking any spare moment me or my wife have, as he isn't in a nursery yet. It's not a small feat being a parent, even more if you have two kids and both you and your wife work. I started working rotary shifts, which not only leave extremely tired, but now I only see my wife only a couple days a week. Before this change, I was doing night shifts, which allowed me to have a routine, I also had spare time during the night to edit and upload stuff, not anymore! The laptop I use to edit and upload broke down. (I used my wife's old laptop to edit our photos and videos during my spare time at work, as every night I had a few hours available.)  Gr